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Navigating the Used Parts System and Working With Salvage Yards

Scrap Yard Full Of Damaged Cars
Buying used auto parts is a good idea for a lot of reasons. For example, buying used parts is good for the environment, and you can save money. But not every yard makes it easy to find your parts. You need to understand a little about the parts you are looking for and know where to get the information you need to buy the right part.
Work With the Salvage Yard to Find Parts
Salvage yards operate several ways. Some yards pull all the good parts from a vehicle, catalog them, and put the parts in storage until someone asks for them. Other yards prefer to leave the car intact in the yard and allow the buyer to go and get the parts they need off the vehicle. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.
When you need a specific part, a salvage yard that pulls all the parts will know if they have the part with a quick search of the computer inventory. On the other hand, a yard that doesn't pull parts may or may not know if they have a part, but they are likely to have more small parts available that are not usually removed from the car. But you will need to go to the yard and search for the parts you need.
Research Parts Interchangeability
When you are looking for a specific part for your vehicle, you can call or visit the salvage yard to inquire about the component. If they do not have the part, ask them to look and see if there is a part listed in the interchange guide that can fit your car.
Vehicle manufacturers often use the same part across several models of vehicles because the practice saves the manufacturer money. And if you know how to search the interchange system, you can more easily find the part you need.
If the salvage yard you are working with does not have interchange information, you can search online to get the information you need. The interchange system will list the year, make, and model of cars that have the part you need, but you have to be careful to check the engine information. Sometimes, a car that is listed has several engine options, and only one of those models has the part you need.
Be Careful With Parts Removal
When you are working with a salvage yard that allows you to search the yard and pull your parts, make sure you know what you need. One way to ensure you get the right part is to take pictures of your part with your cell phone. You can use the photos as a reference in the yard to be sure you have the right part before taking it off the salvage vehicle. That way, you are not wasting time on something you can't use.
Don't Assume
When you are working with a yard that has already pulled the parts off the car, make sure you match up the part with your old part. Don't just assume that the part is the right one.
The salvage yard won't intentionally try to give you the wrong part, but things can get mixed up, and since you didn't pull the part yourself, you should use some caution and double check everything. If you have the old part with you, this is easy to do. Lay the parts next to each other and verify that they have all the right connections and everything is oriented correctly.
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