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6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Want Salvage Yard Auto Parts

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Salvage auto part yards are a source of great bargains for those who want to replace parts on their vehicles.

However, those who have never purchased from a salvage yard before should learn a few things about how to do business with a salvage yard.

The following are six mistakes you need to avoid if you go to a salvage yard to look for used auto parts.

1. Failing to Take Advantage of Salvage Yard Personnel

Personnel at a scrap yard will have a better idea of what parts are available than you will have from browsing over the yard.

Ask salvage yard personnel your questions. Also, if you want a particular part, call ahead and ask if the yard has it rather than wasting a trip if the yard doesn't have what you're looking for.

2. Not Having Appropriate Safety Equipment

If you will be moving heavy parts and equipment pieces at a salvage yard, you need to protect yourself against the potential hazards with safety equipment.

Bring heavy-duty work boots, work gloves, and a helmet if you will be out in the yard rummaging through parts and vehicles. You should also bring a toolbox with all the tools you need to safely disassemble equipment and parts you'll look at.

3. Not Coming Ready to Transport Parts

If you visit the yard for parts that you'd like to get quickly, you should bring a vehicle capable of transporting your parts with you.

If you wait to have your desired parts delivered, this could delay the arrival of your parts. Also, if you wait to come back and pick parts up later, another buyer may find the part you're interested in before you return.

4. Neglecting to Ask About Warranties

These days, many scrap yards will offer you warranties on parts so you can be sure that parts will operate properly. Warranties are important at salvage yards because, in many cases, you may have limited ability to gauge an item's condition before you commit to purchase. 

In addition to looking for warranty options, you should also test parts before purchase and try to plug in electrical equipment to make sure it operates properly. This will minimize the chances that you'll purchase a part that doesn't work and that a warranty doesn't cover.

5. Being Unaware of the Salvage Yard's Safety Policies

Because many potential safety hazards exist around a salvage yard, they will usually post safety policies that you need to adhere to.

Some salvage yards may specify that only employees can access certain equipment pieces. In addition, salvage yards may have rules about the size or the condition of the vehicle you use to pick up auto parts.

Neglecting to learn the safety policies of the scrap yard you work with could get you in trouble. You want to form a lasting partnership with the scrap yard and avoid creating problems or risks for the yard. Respecting safety policies and rules will go a long way in making your salvage yard visits more productive and convenient.

6. Being Unaware of Delivery Capabilities

You don't necessarily have to transport auto parts yourself when you purchase them from a salvage yard. Many salvage yards will be able to deliver parts for you. 

Delivery can be an arduous and cumbersome task. This is especially true if you don't own a vehicle that's appropriate for transporting heavy auto parts. Ask about delivery capabilities and take advantage of them if they're available to you. 

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